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New Test Available at ACFS to Determine the Sex of Your Baby

A new test was recently released that can accurately determine the sex of your baby at 10 weeks gestation. Studies have shown that in 85% of pregnancies, the baby’s sex was known prior to giving birth. Almost all were determined by ultrasound examinations prior to or around 20 weeks. These ultrasounds, although accurate, are not 100%. Studies indicated the following statistics that influenced the decisions to know the sex of the baby:

  • 90% of woman wanted to know the sex of their baby
  • 79% of partners wanted to know
  • 64% wanted to be able to choose the baby’s name
  • 46% wanted to plan the nursery
  • 43% of older children and/or relatives wanted to know to baby’s sex
  • 9% for genetic and/or health concerns like Fragile X and other X-linked disorders

The test is performed using the pregnant woman’s blood, drawn at about 10 weeks gestation to optimize accuracy. Earlier testing will be less accurate. Currently, Sequenom CMM (Center for Molecular Medicine) shows 100% accuracy at 10 weeks gestation. The test is based on detecting the presence of fetal DNA in the maternal plasma. Using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology, the test can detect and identify the SRY gene and multicopy DYS14 marker sequences consistent with Y- bearing or male chromosomes. In the absence of this detection, the fetus is assumed to be female. In order to decrease the risk of a false positive, an ultrasound should be done to rule out the possibility of a missed and/or vanishing twin pregnancy, which could introduce fetal DNA from a non -viable pregnancy. Pregnancy outcome and fetal sex, as determined by chromosome testing, ultrasonography, or after birth were ascertained. SYR and DYS14 PCR were positive in 105 of 105 plasma samples of women bearing a male fetus; and in all 81 plasma samples of women bearing a female fetus, PCR for SRY and DYS14 was negative. However, with any test result, there is always the risk of false positives and/or false negatives.

ACFS now offers this test to all couples who want to know the sex of their baby early in their pregnancy for personal reasons, to eliminate the potential inaccuracy of ultrasound, for genetic and/or health concerns and to avoid the risks associated with amniocentesis and/or CVS.

The cost is $395

Please call the office with any questions at 480-860-4792.

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