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Did You Ever Think You’d Have to Rely on Congress to Help Build Your Family?

Did you ever think you’d have to rely on Congress to help you build your family? I know I didn’t. But today it’s our reality.

Right now there are two major bills in Congress that need our attention.

The Family Act—a proposed tax credit for the out-of-pocket expenses associated with IVF.

The Adoption Tax Credit—already law, this credit is set to expire in December 2012. It MUST be saved.

RESOLVE fights to protect the rights of the infertility community. We believe it is YOUR right to have access to affordable family building options—whether that is IVF or Adoption. We need you to join us on Wednesday, April 25th in Washington, D.C. for Advocacy Day and make sure that Congress understands what the infertility community needs—access to family building options!

I know travelling to Washington, D.C. to talk to members of Congress can seem overwhelming. But I am making a promise to you—you will not be alone during this day. RESOLVE will make your appointments and will provide pre-event training so you feel comfortable speaking about the issues. And if you are the only one attending from your Congressional District, we will make sure a RESOLVE staff person or another advocate is with you.

Time is running out! We are just a few weeks away from Advocacy Day!

You may register to come to Advocacy Day by yourself, but I promise YOU, you will not be alone.

Best regards,

Jay S. Nemiro, M.D.

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