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IV Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Improves Pain Management and Reduces Opiod Requirements in TVA Patients

Multimodal analgesia strategies for postoperative pain after TVA (transvaginal aspiration of eggs), including use of non-opioid analgesia medications, in conjunction with opioid therapy have been shown to decrease opioid use and improve postoperative analgesia. The results of a retrospective study using IV acetaminophen (Tylenol) suggest that the adjunctive administration of this non-opioid may reduce opioid consumption after surgery and improve postoperative analgesia and patient outcomes.

ACFS has been giving IV acetaminophen 15 minutes prior to transvaginal aspiration of eggs and has seen a significant reduction the patient’s post-operative discomfort, much less use of narcotics, quicker recovery times and patients going home much quicker after the egg recovery. Appears to be making a big difference in the overall comfort of egg recovery.

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