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Low-Intensity or Mini-IVF Reduces Pregnancy Chances

Mini-IVF or low-intensity IVF, using a milder ovarian stimulation protocol, that is gaining in popularity, significantly reduces the chance of pregnancy, according to data from a pilot study by Norbert Gleicher, M.D. Mini-IVF or low-intensity-IVF is allegedly more cost-effective and patient friendly while hypothetically producing better embryo quality, say its advocates. But in a poster presentation at the 2011 meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Dr. Gleicher offered data showing that fewer cryopreserved embryos were produced, resulting in fewer live births, using mini-IVF protocols. Patients using mini-IVF protocols definitely used less gonadotropins (HMG or FSH) but had fewer oocytes retrieved (2.7 vs 15.6) resulting in fewer cryopreserved embryos (0 vs 4.7) compared to women using standard IVF protocols. With identical number of embryos transferred, after adjusting for age, patients using standard IVF demonstrated a 7-fold better odds of pregnancy and a cumulative pregnancy rate that was more than 6 times higher than that achieved using mini-IVF. The costs per live birth (cumulative) were similar in both groups but the significantly reduced chances of pregnancy with mini-IVF eliminated the potential cost advantages. Dr. Gleicher concluded, “even with normal ovarian reserve, therefore, low-intensity IVF can be considered neither patient friendly or cost-effective”. With decreased ovarian reserve (BAF), mini-IVF should be even less successful. ACFS agrees with the findings of Dr. Gleicher, and it has been our experience since mini-IVF protocols were introduced, that overall success rates for cumulative on-going pregnancy rates were significantly reduced. However, having once explained and the patient understanding this data, it is her choice as to which protocol she will choose; and ACFS will support her 150%. For more information about ovarian stimulation protocols for IVF, visit us www.acfs2000.com

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