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Pregnancy Found ‘Safe’ for Breast Cancer Survivors.

New large meta-analysis suggest that women are not putting their lives at risk and that pregnancy may even have protective effect on overall survival. There is a wide perception in the medical community that women with a history of breast cancer should not get pregnant. This study strongly argues against that.  In all, 14 trails published between 1970 and 2009 were included in this meta-analysis.  Together these trials involved more than 19,000 women with a history of breast cancer, of whom 1,417 were pregnant and 18,059 were not pregnant at the time of the study.  Women who became pregnant after being treated for breast cancer had a 42% decreased risk of dying when compared with women who did not get pregnant.  These studies show that pregnancy is safe in women with a history of breast cancer, said Dr. Azim of the Institut jules Bordet in Brussels. Further analysis of the data are planned and more information is necessary but this is a great start.  “For the time being, the take-home message is that women who want to get pregnant following breast cancer can do so-it’s safe,” Dr. Azim said.  Published in OB.GYN News, May 2010

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