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The Infertility Community Spoke Up and Our Voices Were Heard!

The infertility community spoke up, and your voices were heard! The most severe anti-family and anti-infertility legislation RESOLVE has ever seen failed to pass the Senate Health Committee this week. While we need all Arizona residents who care about these issues to remain vigilant, barring any usually procedural move, RESOLVE believes these bills will not be voted on in this legislative session. ACFS is thrilled. This was clearly an invasion of privacy and a very bad precedent to set.

Let’s all come together to celebrate this major legislative victory. For the past few years, the Arizona RESOLVE and the reproductive medicine community has been effective in stopping anti-family bills. On Saturday, March 24th we will walk together at RESOLVE’s 4th Annual Walk of Hope to celebrate our victories and show the Arizona community and your lawmakers that people with infertility matter.

We will be honoring the champions in the Arizona legislature who have worked on our behalf to keep Arizona a family friendly state. So your attendance is important. This is a chance to meet them and express your appreciation. We need to show our public policy makers that we care, that we are a community of families, and that we are involved and engaged.

The Walk of Hope also helps bring much needed RESOLVE programs and services to Arizona to help the more than 110,000 people living with Arizona in your state.

visit us at www.acfs2000.com

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