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Drop of Life

Drop of Life

He has seen little people through lenses, first minuscule and later, tiny embryos. Doing his best, carrying them gently from dish to dish, refreshing their baths, he watched and cheered their lives.

For a few days they belonged to him, those small ones, or he to them since he was on call in early morning and late at night. They
are so demanding at those stages, needing perfect conditions, warmth.

Confined to droplets, their watery homes, he watched them grow and hoped for their future safety. And later, those who made that journey with him, who made it, were given, somewhat grudgingly, back to their mothers for the growing up.

Seeing them later, out on their own, he would see them all as brilliant gems: babies and children. And to think that just a short time ago, they were his, held lovingly within the shallow ponds of a microscopic world, safe and sound.

April 28, 2010 (Bob McGaughey)

Written by ACFS- IVF Laboratory Director . For more information about ACFS, please feel free to contact us at 480-860-4792 and/or email at [email protected].

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