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I Wrote This Almost 6 years Ago and It Could Not Be More True Today

An infertility practice is more than statistics, procedures, or the latest technological advancement; it is about helping women become pregnant when they want to become pregnant- plain and simple. With the explosion of fertility awareness over the past decades in the medical community and the media, the emphasis has been on what is the best way, the newest technology, the surefire solution (or who’s the best doctor), for getting patients pregnant; which, I feel is missing the point entirely. I tell my patients, getting you pregnant is the easy part. The hard part is staying in the game. That’s because the heart and soul of an infertility practice is the service- not the technology (although that is very important, also). The emotional component of the fertility process is more complex and demanding than any procedure- and that’s the part that’s getting overlooked. While a procedure-centered, rather than a patient-centered, approach could be described as a characteristic flaw of western medicine in general, and certainly not limited to infertility practice, infertility specialists have a unique opportunity to empower women in ways that other physicians do not. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 19 year old who’s never tried to have a baby or a 43 year old who’s spent year after heartbreaking year trying. The despair that comes with not being able to get pregnant is not definable by any one age or situation, which is why I feel as though my job is not, just to help these women get pregnant, but to treat them like I would my sister, my daughter, my best friend. To respect them, but most importantly, to listen, not just to what they are saying, but to what they’re not saying, the silence. It is only by listening and hearing, that you are able to be effective and offer treatment options that are best suited for each individual couple. It is not until you fully understand all the pros and cons of each treatment option, that you can choose the best option. Treatment options are a couple’s choice, not the clinic’s choice. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your partner to achieve a successful outcome.

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